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Why Choose McElvaney Motors | Pertinent Facts to Consider

> Full Spectrum of Services Under One Roof
McElvaney Motors is in a unique position to provide clients with a comprehensive service that will meet
all of their commercial vehicle requirements and all at one address.

> Scania Dealer
McElvaney Motors specialises in the provision of new and used Scania trucks and parts and their
servicing. As a Scania Dealer we have access to computerised diagnostics equipment as well as a vast
database of knowledge from the manufacturer.

> Authorised Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service & Parts Centre
McElvaney Motors is an Authorised Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service & Parts Centre in
Monaghan. Having invested in the state-of-the-art Volkswagen Diagnostic Equipment and Tools, the
company can provide quality servicing and warranty work for any Volkswagen van or light commercial.

> Business History
The company has been a pioneer in the Commercial Vehicles Industry for almost 45 years and has
developed through an appreciation and understanding of the customer. With vast experience, McElvaney
Motors strives to meet clients’ needs exactly.

> Location
Located just off Exit 5, M50 (North Rd, Finglas), Dublin and Dublin Rd, Monaghan, the company is in an
extremely convenient position to provide an excellent, speedy service to clients. With great shipping links
and infrastructure, the company’s location in Ireland, ensures easy access to international markets.

> Experienced Mechanics
The workshops are manned by a skilled team of highly qualified mechanics and technicians. Exceeding
recommended guidelines, mechanics are trained to the highest level. Regular training courses keep them
abreast of the latest developments in the industry. In fact, the team has won the National Scania
Technician Champions Award. One of the company’s best assets is it’s people.

> Account Manager
Clients are assigned an Account Manager. This individual will be the point of contact between client and
McElvaney Motors – as a result, the client can be assured of excellent customer service & attention to

> State-of-the-Art Workshops
McElvaney Motors boasts state-of-the-art workshops, specialising in the service and maintenance of all
types of vehicles. Fully equipped modern workshops in both premises use overhead cranes, the very
latest Beissparth and Josam Laser Alignment Equipment, a computerised oil dispensing system, plus much

> Speed of Service and Repair - Minimum Downtime
Specialised tools and technology ensure that jobs are completed very efficiently. This means that your
vehicles are ‘off the road’ for the minimum amount of time

> Efficient State-of-the-Art, Innovative Computer System
McElvaney Motors operates a state-of-the-art computerised customer service system. This allows the
complete service history of vehicles to be available at the touch of a button! It also enables the Parts
Department to provide descriptions and diagrams of all parts available. This is particularly useful to the
mechanic in improving the speed of repair and servicing of the vehicle.
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