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Repair & Servicing of Industrial & Marine Engines

Scania engines can be used for a variety of applications - not only buses and trucks. For example,
they are also used in container cranes, ferries, boats, crushers and electrical generating sets.

McElvaney Motors services Industrial and Marine Engines and can also conduct a complete overhaul
of the following:

                     - Generators
                     - Forklifts
                     - Dumpers
                     - Cranes
                     - Crushers
                     - Ferries/Boats
                     - Electrical Generating Sets

The company has a dedicated service van for the aforementioned that enables on-site repairs to be
conducted. Customers of this product offering include:

                     - The Defence Forces
                     - Dublin Port
                     - Kilsaran
                     - Terex

If you would like further information on this service, please contact our Service Departments in
Monaghan or Dublin or email:
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