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McElvaney Motors has a complete range of both Scania truck and Volkswagen van parts in stock – at
very competitive prices! An efficient and speedy Next Day Delivery Service is provided. This coupled
with our experienced Parts Team ensures that customer vehicles are ‘off-the-road’ for a minimal
amount of time! With customers in mind, a 24-Hour Emergency Parts Service is also available.

New Scania & Volkswagen Parts
There are progressively tough conditions facing haulage and delivery companies in today’s dynamic
and turbulent environment. Transport & delivery costs are extremely difficult to price and
customers are placing increasingly stringent demands on delivery precision and just-in-time
operations. These along with unexpected breakdown costs can often be a frustrating and costly
experience for customers. Reducing these unexpected costs is critical to the overall profit of a
company. One way to minimise costs is to use a New Scania or Volkswagen part when a part needs

By using new parts customers can be guaranteed of superior quality, a better ‘fit’ every time and a 12
month unlimited mileage guarantee. It also ensures long term cost effectiveness and increases the
safety and reliability of the truck or van. When considering purchasing parts for Scania and
Volkswagen vehicles, the price should only be one element of the decision. Obviously, it is the
‘bottom line’ that is important, but so too is comparing ‘like with like’ and appreciating the benefits
to be gained from choosing new parts over spurious parts. For example, by using New Parts,
customers have peace-of-mind and more importantly unexpected costs and downtime can be

Truck Dismantlers Ireland | Second-hand Scania Parts
In order to meet the demand for top quality second-hand parts, McElvaney Motors established a
dedicated department which operates as Truck Dismantlers Ireland. Since it’s inception in 2001, the
company has grown rapidly in both domestic and export markets.

The company has the facilities and capacity to dismantle any make or model of truck. The market is
constantly changing, for example, rising costs within the haulage industry has increased the demand
for second-hand parts. All models of Scania trucks are recycled including new gen Scania trucks. Due
to rapid expansion, the company needed to adopt a much more rationalised approach to the storage
and handling of the large volume and varying sizes of components dealt with on a daily basis. A
completely new racking system has been installed which allows speedier retrieval of parts and
ultimately an improved customer service!
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